Erythromycin Expiring

Expiration of Erythromycin

Is my expired erythromycin safe?

erythromycin expired

Is expired Erythromycin still safe?

What are the expiration dates of erythromycin? It is very important to know the expiration date of erythromycin to ensure that you could still use it safely. It is because; using expired erythromycin could cause diverse side effects. With many kinds of erythromycin medicines present, all of them have different expiration data. Hence, reading the entire article will give you idea about the common expiration dates of erythromycin.

Expiration of erythromycin

Since, erythromycin comes in different forms; their expiration also comes in different dates. To have any idea about them, here are some of the tips below:

• Injection – the injection expires at about 18 months. With proper storage, it could last for the specified months, but once it is not properly it will take only months or days, as it could be destroy by moisture and the heat of the sun. Hence, in order for the erythromycin to last for long it is essential to store it is refrigerator, but make sure not to freeze it.

• Suspension- the suspension could last for about 2 years. Hence, it also needs proper storage for it to meet the specified deadline. The right to store it is in the refrigerator. In case it is store at room temperature, the expiration date lessens. In case it was already used, it is suggested to consume erythromycin within 10 to 15 days. After the said duration, the medicine is expired and not safe to use already.

• Skin ointment, gel, lotion and eye ointment – they have an expiration date of three months only. Because skin is one of the most sensitive parts, their expiration is earlier compare to others. It is because they could be easily contaminated by dirt. These kinds of erythromycin need to be stored in refrigerator due to once they are stored outside there are a big possibility that they will easily get moist.

Capsules and tablets – they are most commonly used kinds of erythromycin. Once they are properly stored, they could last for 2 years. In order for them to last for long, they must be stored place that does not have direct sunlight and heat. It is because it could trigger for the erythromycin to become moist, which is the primary cause for the medicine to expire rapidly. Furthermore, they need to be place on container with cover that is tightly sealed.

These are the common expiration dates of erythromycin according to manufacturers. As what was mentioned earlier, the expiration varies. It depends on the how it was stored and how it was consume. In case, erythromycin expired already, it is suggested not to use it anymore and disposed it properly. It is because consuming expired erythromycin could result to side effects and could trigger for the condition to get worst. In connection with learning about the expiration of erythromycin, it is vital to read the label of it. Most of the drugs or medicines have information about the expiration date. Furthermore, it is also written in the label about the proper storage and consumption of erythromycin. Hence, reading the label is a great way to efficiently use the erythromycin.

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