Properly Store Erythromycin

Storage of Erythromycin

How to properly store drugs


How to store erythromycin

Store Erythromycin Properly

Where is the proper storage of erythromycin? It is vital to know the right place where to store the medicine to ensure that it is consume fresh even after opening it. It is the responsibility of user for the medicine not to be contaminated for it to be safe even after use. If you are using erythromycin, reading this article could help you as it talks about the storage of erythromycin. However, before discussing it, it is better to be familiarized with the medicine through a brief overview.


Erythromycin Overview


Erythromycin is identified as group of medicine known as macrolide antibiotics. It aid to slow down the development or kill sensitive bacteria through lessening the protein production needed for them to survive. Because of this, it is utilize to cure numerous kinds of infectious illness due to bacteria. Using erythromycin has certain precautionary measures in order to use it efficiently and avoid side effects. It suggested that it should not be use by individual who is allergic of medicine or raking pimozide, ergotamine, dihydriergotamine and cisapride due to erythromycin might have a reaction with these drugs and could cause life frightening heart rhythm illness. Hence, before taking the erythromycin it is vital to inform the health practitioner if you have myasthenia gravis and liver disease. Moreover, it is essential not to miss out taking the drug. As much as possible take it completely on the prescribe duration of time to prevent side effects. In addition, though it is considered a cure to viral infection, there are illnesses that it is not recommended like flu or common cold.


Storage of erythromycin


If you are taking erythromycin, it is vital that you keep in mind the things that are written below to ensure that medicine is store on place that is safe and will prevent it to be contaminated.


There are different kinds of erythromycin present, hence, listed below are the proper ways on how to store them.


  • Injection – it is necessary to store it in refrigerator. Once it is stored in a place with the right room temperature, it is necessary to consume it within 7 days.  After 1 week, erythromycin is no longer advisable to use.
  • Oral Suspension – this is must be store in a refrigerator but do not freeze it. Once kept in room temperature, use it within 10 to 14 days. After the said days, better dispose it, as they are no longer safe to use.
  • Skin ointment, gel, lotion and eye ointment – they must be store in place having room temperature. Do not let be hit by sunlight or heat. Moreover, do not freeze them. Heat and sunlight could contaminate them.
  • Capsule and tablets – store at container with excellent seal and having a temperature of below 40 degrees Celsius. Protect them from moisture. Furthermore, do not store the erythromycin capsules and tablet on bathroom or close to sink.  As much as possible, do not let it hit by direct heat and sunlight as it is where moist starts.


These are the way to store different kinds of erythromycin. The same with other kinds of medicine, erythromycin also needs proper storage for it to be effective and safe when it is use.

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